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Next Books

NextBooks is effective because of its appealing look and feel, carefully crafted content and teaching approaches that it follows. All of these come together to engage a learner and make them eager to explore more. While our core instructional books keep the learners engaged in the classrooms, the learners’ companion provides ample practice and gauges comprehension and the digital version of the books extend learning to happen any time from anyplace.
The textbook series comprise of core instructional books which are divided into A and B to reduce physical burden on students. Book C is a learners’ companion book with ample practice exercises compliant with Bloom’s taxonomy which assesses the child’s comprehension through new exercises and fun activities that remove repetitiveness from homework. The content of NextBooks is thematically integrated and observes a logical flow. The learners are gradually introduced to the lesson followed by exercises to test their knowledge and finally revision to strengthen the concepts learnt.
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