School & College Management Software

School & College Management Software

Info Bells Technologies Pvt Ltd Is Provide the Best Software for School & College management.
School & College Management System is a complete software designed to automate a school's & College's diverse operations from classes.School & College management system can be used by the schools in worldwide for administration & management .
In this sytem has lot of features like: Timetable, Attendance, Parent-Teacher-Student communication and a lot more.
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Info Bells ERP

Info Bells ERP is a complete Admission, fees and transport management module for schools, colleges, and institutions integrated with Financial Accounting. Very easy to operate and implement. Just configure your fees heads, routes, classes, concessions and your software is ready to go.

Please contact us for any clarifications or additional information and we assure you of our excellent services and my personal attention at all times.A School & College management system includes several tasks such as student’s registration, record keeping of attendance, generating report cards, producing an official transcript, preparing timetable and schedule of classes, managing transport, fee management and others.

A School & College management software is a complete solution that caters the needs of School & College administration process.In the current system, we need to keep a number of records related to the student and retrieving the records as per need . The School & College management might require customized reports of students and search for the entire data to generate one is highly impossible .

Features of Info Bells ERP

Info Bells ERP Facilitates the management of School’s & College's Academic process, Student data, and Office management including Payroll, library and Accounts. For Info Bells ERP, no special or unusual requirements are needed

Managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a painful task. Each and every department is important to be handled in order to ensure its proper functioning like a MNC. A Software technology can help you administer entire institute by providing a detailed as well as summarized reports of all students as well as staff.

We have implemented as different kinds of users created by super admin of the institutions.(Eg. Head Master, Accountant, ete..)

Modules Covered

  • Academic process
  • Student Admission
  • Fees Management
  • Route Wise Transportation Charges Management
  • Examination
  • Certificates
  • Complete Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet
  • Library Management
  • Payroll
  • Inventory
  • Hostel
  • Security

Info Bells School & College Management Software for DEMO

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